First Aid

First Aid – MP3 Downloads

To save them on your computer, right-click on any of the links below and then click ‘Save Target As…”. Click on any of the links below to play the audio files: 

  • Burns – Explains the immediate treatment for burns and scalds.
  • Fits – How to deal with fits (convulsions/seizures) in adults and young children.
  • Wounds – Immediate actions for wounds, bleeding, and bleeding associated with fractures.
  • Unconscious Patient (breathing) – How to deal with an unrousable patient who IS breathing (includes recovery position).
  • CPR for adults –  Adults who have collapsed, unrousable and NOT breathing.
  • CPR for babies – Babies who are unrousable and NOT breathing.
  • Collapsed patient in detail – Explains the complete scenario including checks for breathing, circulation, etc.

These files have been prepared by Sussex Ambulance Service and comply with European Resuscitation Council Guidelines.

Other Links

These links all come from trusted resources but if you are unsure about these or any other medical matters please contact your doctor or pharmacist for advice.